“My ability to connect people with resources and problem solve sets me apart.”

“Easy going, knowledgeable and accurate.”

“Delia had the resources within the organization to help support her with the transaction.”

“I think that people build relationships with their brokers and come back to them based on that.”

“We are able to present many resources to help make the deal happen.”

“I am a thorough and a protector of my client’s interests.”

“NAI finds the right fit and works with you based on what your needs are.”

“Jenn is such a professional–very articulate.”

“It’s not about the sale. It’s about making my clients happy.”

“Andie’s brand is: Diligent and intuitive.”

“The quality of agents is greater then a lot of the commercial brokers I’ve worked with. I feel like it’s more about the relationships.”

“Andie is very bright. She’s a tremendous listener. She’s very aggressive but not in a turn off kind of way.”

“NAI Cascade is made up of locals that are entrenched in the community—not just through work but our raising our families here. Through our work we have a direct impact on the community.”

“I believe they have an entrepreneurial spirit and less of a corporate culture. It feels like they want to partner with you to be successful. They want to make you successful which is representative a good company for future transactions.”

“Their communication and attention to detail is great.”

“I have the ability to earn people’s trust. I’m trustworthy and very aggressive–but in a non-confrontational way. I’m trying to get somewhere.”

“Andie is super analytical in figuring out the real return on it and if things are presented correctly.”

“NAI is truly a national firm and global network. We provide the bandwidth and exposure is of working with a true national agency.”

“It wasn’t about the name brand behind me–it was about who I was working with. I care more about surrounding myself with good people. People that could help, that I could go to and that I knew were honest and hardworking–and a managing broker that would support me.”

“They have a homegrown feel but at an elite level.”

“Jennifer was definitely taking us seriously. This was a big deal for me and I wanted to know the broker took me seriously. This was an entirely brand new experience.”

“Rachel invited my wife and I and baby over to a Christmas dinner at her house. It doesn’t really get any better than that for a real estate agent.”

“I understand the cost to do business in Bend. I look for off-market opportunities and preexisting locations that can curb development and expansion costs.”

“We protect our client interests’. We’re friendly and always willing to teach our clients how it all works.”

“My experience working with Andie and Delia–they have great attention to detail and the analysis they did in support of me as an investor and trying to keep me safe in my investment–they are the best brokers I have worked with so far.”

“I liked Rachel and knew I could trust her.”

“They are more passionate about what they do. More caring. They want you to have the best option for you. There were many times they went out of their way to help us.”

“They were patient. We could sit and look at a property all day or see a property multiple times and it wouldn’t be an issue. They actually went out of their way several times.”

“NAI is good at providing resources outside the brokerage i.e. property inspection, architects, environmental agencies. We’d never done a commercial property; she held our hand through the process which was really helpful. ”

“My biggest expectation was that I wanted to be represented well. I wanted someone to stand in the gap for me because I did not have a lot of experience. I was very pleased that Jennifer and her work at NAI–she was a fighter. She really gave me the sense that she was going to bat for us.”

“If Jenn is a reflection of the others, then I have 100% confidence in the team.”

“Our project was only $300K and they treated us like millionaires. We felt like the biggest investors they were dealing with.”

“Delia differentiates herself through diligence, attention to detail, her people skills and knowledge of the market. She asks the right questions. She follows through.”

“I feel like NAI brings on elite level brokers.”

“They seem to be very knowledgeable about what they do.”

“I love this business. What I enjoy the most is helping people earn money. From my vantage point, one of the few things you can do to create cash flow during retirement is to help set people up in real estate.”

“Diligent and tenacious.”

“If there are markets we missed, Andie will set us up with NAI professionals in those markets. We are also using the NAI Capitol Markets Group out of Nashville on a sale at Madison Park. Between the additional leasing business, the management company business and the purchase of Leeds, the business has expanded and it’s all the result of Andie’s efforts.”

“Experience sets Jenn apart. She was always on our side.”

“They have quality brokers, quality clients. Both are well-informed.”

“Dynamic, focused, consistent and knowledgeable. I’m a player in the market and can drill down to the details as necessary.”

“We got a good feel for Delia’s understanding of the market and business and her integrity.”

“Ken likes to think outside the box. So it’s nice to be able to toss ideas around and if there’s any big challenges or issues we need to work through, he’s got a lot of knowledge. He can guide you in the right direction.”

“They are sharp, energetic people who know the market.”

“There were several times where the transaction was teetering–it was a difficult transaction with a difficult seller. Andie stepped in and was always monitoring what she could do to help.”

“They deal with a multitude of different types of properties but I feel like each one is handled with such care and at the same level.”

“I care about the relationship. I put the relationship first and the business just comes from those relationships. I’m honest and put their interests first.”

“From the get go I saw Andie was very bright and asking pointed questions. She was very interested in what we were doing and was trying to ascertain what we were doing from a service provider standpoint.”

Photo provided by the Old Mill District