Project Description

Jenn Limoges, CCIM


Licensed in the State of Oregon

549 SW Mill View Way, Suite 201
Bend, Oregon 97702

m +1 541 639 2566 t +1 541 706 9370

“I was very pleased with Jenn and her work at NAI–she was a fighter. She really gave me the sense that she was going to bat for us…” –NAI Client

Specialties: Investments, Multifamily, Office, Medical Office

Scope of Service + Experience
Jenn has over 15 years of experience in executive management of multiple retail and office marketing, sales, facility and operations departments. In each of these roles she was responsible for business development, in which she identified, developed and negotiated leases on prospective new locations.
Jenn’s in-depth experience developing P&L’s, relocating businesses, negotiating leases, evaluating ROI, inspecting facilities and creating marketing plans sets her apart as an expert in her field.

Using a combination of experience, keen intuition and hard numbers, Jenn analyzes projects through the eyes of both the end-user and investor. A natural born matchmaker, Jenn has an innate ability to align investors with properties–including off market opportunities–that best complement their short and long term financial goals. For investors, she gets at the heart of their needs–is it cash on cash return, IRR, long term hold, short term hold, reposition and flip? For the end-user, she understands their needs center on risk aversion. Jenn helps them understand their discount rate, evaluate the option to invest capital in a purchase versus a lease, analyze overhead, and prioritize lease rate versus visibility and ease of access or location.

“For both parties I focus on prioritizing their top 3 objectives and then like layering a cake, I add in market intel and data and we go from there to execute on those priorities.” –Jenn Limoges

Jenn demonstrates an artful capacity for closing transactions for the development, sales and leasing of medical campuses, clinics, parks and private practices. She has also closed numerous multifamily projects including SFRs and large multi-unit complexes. She is passionate about specializing in medical and multifamily because she believes these properties have the greatest capacity to anchor our communities. Jenn’s experience also extends to working investors on redevelopment projects, owner-users on leveraging SBA financing and finding those uncovered high-yield opportunities for her clients.

Her leadership role as the 2018 Chair for the Commercial Committee of the Central Oregon Association of Realtors also challenges her to be acutely in tune with Central Oregon’s commercial real estate market and opportunities.

Jenn was awarded the Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM) designation in October of 2018. The CCIM designation is conferred upon commercial real estate leaders who have a proven record of success in the field and have demonstrated a mastery of financial, market, and investment analysis. Jenn’s CCIM designation places her in a unique group of only 6% of the real estate brokers in the United States.

On a personal level, Jenn is involved at the school where her children Ben & Izzy attend and Jenn’s mom teaches. Jenn is married to Clark who is a GIS guy–which may come in handy if Walt or Ken ever get lost in the wilderness. With Jenn and Clark’s busy schedule, they still find time to make family a priority and hike Pilot Butte in the wee hours of the morning, staying connected with each other and in awe of the cities mountainous skyline.