Broker Focus: Jenn Limoges, CCIM

By Katy Haines | March 17, 2021

Jenn’s entre into CRE started between her Sophomore and Junior year at UofO. She worked as an intern for Maxine Ribera-Card, owner of COLM Commercial Real Estate Property Management & Leasing. Jenn ran the front desk and back office, learning the ropes of property management and leasing.

Prior to returning to Bend in 2013, Jenn ran a call center. This position included the facilities management of about 40,000 SF and overseeing 300 employees. In her first week, one of the 66 rooftop HVAC units caught fire and they evacuated the entire center. The previous year’s lease negotiation put the maintenance and replacement of the HVAC units square on the tenant’s shoulders; a savings of a few pennies/SF on that lease cost them about a half million in lost revenues that day. This experience firmly rooted one of Jenn’s favorite idioms, “Don’t trip over dollars to pick up a penny.”  Jenn relates well to the owner-user based on her own experiences managing teams and operations and continues now that she is a partner at NAI Cascade. Her passion is working with owner-users and investors to envision their long term goals and bring them to fruition.  Knowing that small business is the backbone to community growth and that ownership of commercial real estate is one of the fastest paths towards financial independence, she strives to help clients understand the benefits of ownership. She is the first to invest in a relationship regardless of the size of the project.

Jenn’s most recent transactions have been significant, off-market properties with key investors who wish to keep their business highly confidential. She takes great pride in quietly closing deals of significant size, complexity and with superior velocity.