(Bend, OR) May 17, 2021 – Don Myll, Area Director for the Economic Development of Central Oregon (EDCO), emailed brokers to urge them to reach out to their traded sector clients who may need to act soon in order to take advantage of tax incentives through Bend’s Enterprise Zone.

The Ezone program provides 3-5 years of property tax abatement to traded sector companies for investments in qualified real and personal property if job growth meets a 10% (1 minimum) threshold.  Under State statute, the Bend Ezone sunsets 6/30/21. EDCO is in the process of pursuing a redesignation. Myll hopes the City Council will authorize the redesignation on June 2nd. He will request that the State to keep it active 7/1/21 and forward and expects to have resolution by the end of June. The Bend Ezone boundary will likely shrink materially effective July 1st.  See the Ezone boundary map below.

Green shaded area = smaller new boundary going forward

Green + beige shaded area = current boundary (there is one exception, dark green is an addition)

Beige shaded area = boundary lost going forward

The current boundary will be grandfathered and available for the Ezone incentive if a company application is submitted by June 30th. Traded sectors with plans to make real and personal property investments in any current or proposed future Ezone boundary areas should consider submitting an Ezone application by June 30th to preserve an opportunity to benefit from the property tax abatement.  There is no fee to submit an application, it is easy to do and there is no commitment.

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