As 2021 twilights, NAI Cascade brokers are gearing up to put more than $40,000,000 of property into contract before year end. Each of these transactions are off market, meaning the property wasn’t listed with a broker or advertised for sale.

In an inflationary market, putting your money in real estate is the safest hedge against inflation. As potential investors flood the market while product remains scarce, the ability to root out off-market deals becomes imperative and having a relationship with a broker is more important than ever.

“It’s more than our tagline, it’s how we do business. ‘Contracts Expire. Relationships Don’t’,” said Partner and Broker, Walt Ramage. “A lot of the folks that we are working with now, the relationship is decades old and we may never have done a deal with them but because of the rapport we’ve built, they’re able to come to us in confidence. The path we take is better from a longevity standpoint.”

“In this environment, you need to know someone who can bring you the deal,” said Principal Broker and Partner, Jenn Limoges, CCIM. “A broker’s value comes in knowing the product and the players before they’re needed. A seller may not know they’re a seller yet but when a broker brings them a buyer, that puts them in the driver’s seat.”

“It’s our job to be connectors,” continues Jenn who has always enjoyed the matchmaking art of a transaction. “With more players in the game, you’ve got to have someone advocating for you.”