Project Description

Ken Streater

Partner & Principal Broker

Licensed in the State of Oregon

549 SW Mill View Way, Suite 201
Bend, Oregon 97702

m +1 541 325 2027  t +1 541 706 9370
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Scope of Service + Experience

When it comes to business, two things matter most to Ken: Community before commodity and honorable service.

As an owner/broker of NAI Cascade, Ken focuses on creating meaningful relationships that lead to beneficial outcomes for all involved. He believes that one’s success is not lasting and genuine if it comes at the expense of another’s. This principle has helped his clients realize meaningful, mutually beneficial gains for their investments, business operations and communities alike.

“I learned the value of teamwork and effective leadership as an international river guide and adventure travel outfitter. I learned it from researching and writing books on fostering good in communities. And I’ve learned and lived it as a commercial real estate broker focused on making this industry one driven as much by heart as it is by economics. I am committed to putting my heart into each transaction and am honored to represent a team that endeavors to do the same.

I have owned businesses and worked in the Pacific Northwest, Alaska and beyond–including nearly 50 different countries. I consider myself blessed to have witnessed firsthand both thriving and threadbare places. Regardless of walk of life, I believe all people deserve fair and principled advocates in their efforts to achieve as individuals and as part of a growing community. I strive to be that advocate and hope to partner with clients that share my passion for the pursuit of greater good.”

Ken is the proud dad of Dawson (16), Delaney (13), and Dari (13). Dawson plays guitar and is in a rock band. Delaney is a gymnastics and trampoline fiend and Dari devours books and loves soccer and volleyball. Ken’s saintly wife Danielle can be spotted helping out around the local Alaska Airlines counter or handling baggage. Ken is our resident author and NAI Cascade takes pride in his books, “The Gift of Courage” and “Be the Good” which are an inspiration to the team. Ken loves spending time with family and friends on any pristine river that renders peace of mind and good cheer.